SURFACE-SAN: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol sanitising surface spray/wipe

Used neat for cleaning and sanitising. Spray or wipe onto surfaces and leave to allow sanitising action. No rinsing required.

  • As per Safe Work Australia recommendations for hard surfaces
  • Kills microorganisms by destroying the cell membrane
  • Fast-drying
  • Low odour
  • No residue

Available in 2L, 5L and 200L



HAN-SAN: W.H.O. Formulation 1 sanitising hand rub

Locally produced hand sanitiser to meet industry and government demand

  • Made to World-Health-Organsisation specifications (Formulation 1)
  • Contains 80 percent v/v ethanol
  • TGA compliant formula
  • Manufactured in Perth, by local businesses

LabWest has teamed up with Whipper Snapper Distillery in East Perth and Ferngrove Wines to produce HanSan in response to demand from industry clients. Ferngrove suppliesĀ  wine as the raw material, which is distilled by Whipper Snapper to produce ethanol. This is then blended with appropriate ingredients, under the oversight of LabWest chemists, to produce WHO-specification sanitiser. Final parameters are checked by LabWest to ensure the product meets the stringent requirements of WHO and TGA.

Shipping in 5L plastic jerrycans.

NOTE: Sales of HanSan are through Labclean

For sales enquiries, contact Aletta Rooplal at

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