LabWest iota

iota (noun): an infinitessimal amount

True sub-background detection limits

  • part-per-trillion sensitivity
  • lowest commercially-available detection limits
  • next-generation interference removal
  • Highest signal-to-background ratio


LabWest is pleased to introduce iota next-generation ICP-Mass Spectrometry to the Western Australian minerals exploration industry. Utilising Australia’s first Perkin-Elmer Nexion 5000 quad-quadrupole instrument, our clients can now access detection limits that were previously only available to research institutions – in particular for difficult but important trace indicators such as the hydride elements and palladium. 

 iota suites can be determined using any of our digest and leach options, including microwave digests (MAR, MMA, MSA), partial leaches (PL), alkaline fusions (AF) and waters (ENV). Ultrapure acids are used when iota suites are to be determined, as standard analytical-grade reagents are not of sufficient purity for the technique. 

UltraFine+ analysis may also be performed with iota determination.

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