Partial Leach Exploration GeoChemistry

Partial Leach approaches are used where it is desired for metals to be extracted from surface coatings of soil grains, without dissolving the underlying host matrix. Metals adsorbed onto these outer layers or held in metallic oxide coatings on soil grains may have been mobilised through the soil profile, and can give good indications of orebodies deep under cover.
Different leaches apply to different soil types, with some being more specific than others.
Please call Brad or Andrew to discuss the appropriate leach for your application and arrange an orientation study if required.
Our partial leach extractions cover most requirements, from very benign (water leach), through broad-spectrum chelating (PL-01) to aggressive (aqua-regia).

Other leaches are available on request.

Partial Leach Scheme Codes

  • PL-01: Broad-spectrum, chelating cyanide-based leach.
  • PL-02: Water leach
  • PL-03: Sodium pyrophosphate leach (dissolves organic phase)
  • PL-04: Hydroxylamine-hydrochloride leach (weak or strong, dissolves manganese and iron oxide phases)
  • PL-05: Dilute aqua-regia leach

LabWest partial leach elements and detection limits: