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International Submissions

Submitting samples from outside Australia:

An Import Permit is not required, provided the consignment is addressed to LabWest as detailed below.

Click herfor Biosecurity Import Requirements 

We request that when sending samples to LabWest, all samples are packaged securely – ideally in new, high-strength paper packets such as wire-tie Geochem packets. Samples must be less than 500g (Note that only 100-200g of -2mm sample is required to be submitted for UltraFine+ analysis).

All consignment packaging must:
  • be clean and new

  • be clearly labelled with name and address of sender and receiver

  • have a clear description of the sample material in the consignment. This should be as specific as practical, for example “Soil samples for mineral exploration analysis” or “Rock samples for analysis”. (It is not acceptable to just put “Samples for analysis”).

Complete and attach a Manufacturers or Exporter’s Declaration on your company letterhead. (Click here for an example template)

Packaging materials must be free from biosecurity risk materials such as insects, animal debris, seeds, bark or soil.

LabWest is an Approved Class 5.1 Biosecurity Arrangement facility where samples are subject to mandatory heat treatment on receipt. This is a process whereby the samples are heated to 160°C for 2 hours. This treatment is required even if the samples have already been treated prior to importing into Australia. (Please note that while all due care is taken and procedure is rigorously followed, this process can have adverse effects on the samples including loss due to sample combustion.)

Submit Samples

Our submission forms can be downloaded in either Microsoft Word Format (editable) or PDF format which can be printed and completed manually. Please contact us if you have queries or require assistance with logistics.

Consignment Address:

LabWest Minerals Analysis Pty Ltd
10 Hod Way, Malaga WA 6090


Tel: (08) 9248 9321

Credit Application required
for > 500 samples or international samples

Delivery Address Details

LabWest Minerals Analysis Pty Ltd
Approved Arrangement W2147
10 Hod Way
Malaga, WA, 6090
Tel: +61 (0)8 9248 9321

Logistics assistance and sample delivery can be provided by ICE cargo:

ICE Cargo
Fremantle, Western Australia
PH: +61(8) 6215 1107

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