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Analysis of 2μm clay fraction for clear anomalies through cover

Welcome to LabWest

About us

LabWest Minerals Analysis Pty Ltd (LabWest) was established in late 2008 to meet a need in the Western Australian market for an independent minerals analysis facility, and is owned by a small group of key investors, most of whom are employees of the company.

The managers have combined experience of more than 80 years in the minerals analysis field…


A compelling new approach to regional exploration has been developed under the recently completed CSIRO/MRIWA Project  “Multi-scaled near surface exploration using ultrafine soils”. 

As experts in sensitive analysis of regolith materials, LabWest sponsored and participated in the project, and is now pleased to offer this technique to the wider exploration community.


“We established LabWest in 2009 with a first-rate team to meet a need for expert, boutique services to the minerals exploration industry in Western Australia.”

What our clients say

“We didn’t accept LabWest’s work blindly,” said Rob Taylor for the third edition of LabWest’s newsletter Analyse This. “We’ve compared their analyses with that of other laboratories in both high and low values and if we had thought accuracy wasn’t there we’d have gone elsewhere. “We have confidence in LabWest’s work, we’re happy with the service, the prices are competitive, their system of data supply is good and turnaround times are generally just a fortnight, though sometimes we’ve had our results back in a week.”

Executive Director of Aurora Minerals

Contact Detail

10 Hod Way, Malaga
Western Australia 6090

+61 08 9248 9321

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