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Near-Surface Exploration GeoChemistry

Our near-surface exploration analysis techniques are designed for excellent recovery of base- and trace-elements from regolith materials. These are ideal for products from shallow drilling, such as aircore, rotary-air-blast and auger samples.


Microwave-Assisted Aqua-Regia Extraction

LabWest has developed microwave-assisted digestion techniques to obtain maximum recovery of metals from geochemical samples, with negligible loss of volatiles and no cross-contamination.


Our microwave-assisted aqua-regia digestion (scheme code MAR) is a first-class exploration tool, giving a degree of confidence in results that is not easily obtainable with traditional hotplate or hotbox techniques.


Very low detection limits are obtained with current-generation ICP-MS.


LabWest Code MAR-04 (50 elements)

Commodity-Specific Exploration Packages

In consultation with leading geoscientists we have developed analysis suites that will meet the specific needs of explorers for various commodities. Please contact LabWest to discuss your application.

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