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Custom Technical Services

The team of mineral chemistry professionals at LabWest has around 90 years of combined experience in managing, commissioning and developing analytical laboratories around the world. Consequently we offer a wide range of support services to our clients, including assistance with method development, process support, analysis queries, equipment specification and remote support.

As a boutique facility, our services are all customisable to meet individual needs, for researchers, metallurgists or explorers.



Our highly experienced team has developed bespoke analytical solutions for a range of specialised industries for example:

  • Sulphur speciation

  • Manganese crust leaching

  • Lead-isotope extraction and analysis

  • Mortar and poultice testing for heritage projects


We analyse trace elements in a wide range of specialty materials, for example:

  • Aluminium chlorohydrate

  • High-purity alumina

  • Scandium oxide

  • Lithium salts

  • Powdered metals

  • Intermediate products

  • Fertilisers


See us about check and umpire analysis of ores, for example:

  • Gold

  • Zinc

  • Copper

  • Nickel

  • Uranium

  • Lithium

  • Rare-Earths

Call us to discuss your particular requirement.

Recent custom projects include:
  • Development of mineral speciation techniques for routine use at a large mine laboratory.

  • Development of methods for sensitive analysis of trace elements in high-purity alumina product.

  • Establishment of a wet-screening protocol and subsequent processing of kaolinite deposit definition drilling program

  • Development of a bespoke technique for leaching surface crusts on large specimens

  • Development of procedures for testing of mortars and remedial poultices in heritage monitoring and restoration programs.

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