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Hair Analysis for Toxic and Health Elements

hair report grab.png

LabWest analyses hair samples for toxic and health elements (not drug or chemical testing).

8 Toxic elements, 16 Nutrient elements, 14 Trace elements.

The analysis is carried out at the Malaga laboratory in Perth.

Price: $119 plus GST.

Here is an example of a hair test report.

The test report can be interpreted for personal health outcomes by a Doctor or Naturopath.

Here is a list of health professionals who are familiar with hair testing.


Analysis is done on approximately 20 hairs, cut close to the scalp.

If bleached or coloured please note this.

Use clean scissors.

Put the hair into an envelope or zip lock plastic bag.

Please write your email address and phone number.

Send or deliver to: LabWest, 10 Hod Way, Malaga, WA 6090.

LabWest will send you an invoice to pay electronically prior to reporting of results.

Results are sent by email (usually within 2 weeks).

The result can also be emailed to your health professional.

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