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Hair Tissue Analysis Request

LabWest analyses hair samples for toxic and health elements (not drug or chemical testing).

8 Toxic elements, 16 Nutrient elements, 14 Trace elements.

The analysis is carried out at the Malaga laboratory in Perth.

Price: $119 plus GST. More info click here.

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DISCLAIMER: LabWest hair Tissue Analysis (LabWest) provides accurate analysis of hair mineral content; the report is provided on an "information only" basis, and does not contain clinical advice. LabWest encourages users of this information to seek advice from an appropriate health practitioner before making decisions based on any aspect of this report. Never disregard, delay seeking or discontinue medical advice based on information contained un this report.

Thanks! We'll send you the invoice shortly.

Delivery Address Details

LabWest Minerals Analysis Pty Ltd
Approved Arrangement W2147
10 Hod Way
Malaga, WA, 6090
Tel: +61 (0)8 9248 9321

Logistics assistance and sample delivery can be provided by ICE cargo:

ICE Cargo
Fremantle, Western Australia
PH: +61(8) 6215 1107

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