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Innovative and efficient
near surface analysis of
ultra fine regolith

LabWest has developed the UltraFine+™ analysis process in conjunction with CSIRO since 2017.

Analysis of the reactive 2-micron clay fraction, with microwave digestion and using the latest low detection level ICPMS technology, has proven to be useful for geologists and geochemists to help see through shallow to moderate cover.

UltraFine+™ is now an established approach to surface exploration analysis using proven geochemical methods to identify sensitive signals at surface.

A range of clients across Australia and the world are now using this innovative and efficient surface analysis, taking advantage of sensitive detection for gold, base metals, rare-earth and lithium exploration.

Find out more in this introductory video or see below for analysis options available in our UltraFine+™ packages, plus research reports and case studies.

An introduction to UltraFine+™

Effective and efficient exploration analysis

Increased Signal
to Background Ratio
Smaller Sample

A CSIRO/MRIWA project sponsored by LabWest

The significant potential of the UltraFine+™ approach to gold and base metals exploration in Australia was successfully demonstrated in a combined CSIRO/MRIWA project.

CSIRO/MRIWA Project M462 “Multi-scaled near surface exploration using ultrafine soils”, led by Dr. Ryan Noble, was completed in September 2018, with LabWest as a project participant and its commercial partner.

The technique delivers multielement analysis, mineralogy and several related parameters derived from the ultrafine (< 2 μm) fraction of soil samples. Concentration of gold and related metals in the ultrafine fraction gives stronger signals, generally well above instrumental detection limits, and increased signal-to-background ratios. Excellent reproducibility means smaller samples can be collected, leading to reduced sampling and transport costs, and lending itself to extracting significant additional value from historical sample libraries.

Click here to read a more detailed research report summarising the effectiveness of Project M462. As participant and sponsor of the project, LabWest assisted in development of the UltraFine+™ process. The method adds to our expertise in a wide range of regolith geochemical techniques.

LabWest is now pleased to offer UltraFine+™ and related techniques to the wider minerals exploration community. A selection of UltraFine+™ packages is available in addition to our suite of Regolith Geochemical Analysis services.


Our UltraFine+ analysis services

UltraFine+™ Package with 53 Elements including Au Pt Pd, and additional CSIRO data
  • Separation and collection of <2μm fraction

  • Analysis by ICP-MS and OES

  • pH and electrical conductivity of the sample

  • Head sample particle size distribution

  • Clay fines mineralogy by NIR reflectance spectroscopy

  • REEs can be included with scheme code UFF+PER

Elements Package Option: UFF-PE, 53 Elements Including Au, Pt, Pd
  • Collection of <2μm fraction from soil samples

  • Analysis by ICP-MS and OES

  • REEs are included in the UFF-PER scheme

Contact LabWest on 08 9248 9321 or for further information

UltraFine+™ Usage in Australia and the World

UltraFine+™ is in use on a range of projects across Western Australia and beyond. See below for ASX Releases and a map of active projects, and several orientation studies demonstrating the benefits of the Ultrafine method for near surface exploration.

ASX Releases referring to LabWest Ultrafine Analysis

Regional map showing Ultrafine+ projects in Australia

Video on Regional Mapping in SA using Ultrafine+

UltraFine+™ Orientation Study Examples

Study comparing LabWest UltraFine+™ to historical geochemistry results in the Musgrave Ranges

Orientation study comparing LabWest UltraFine+™ to whole-soil aqua regia – Paterson region

Application of Recent Innovations in Exploration Geochemistry. A presentation by Dennis Arne, 27th May 2021, James Cook University

Download UltraFine+™ Information

CSIRO UltraFine+™ Web Page

Executive Summary: M462 UltraFine+™ Project

Sampling For UltraFines

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