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As a boutique analytical facility with extensive experience in most aspects of geochemical and general chemical analysis, LabWest can offer our clients a wide choice of standard analysis packages, or customised solutions that are tailored to a specific requirement. Our team is ready to discuss your requirements.

“After 27 years in the minerals industry I know how highly my clients value good, open communication. From the time you make first contact with us, until the job is complete, we will strive to be clear about your requirements and keep you fully informed. We treat our clients individually, with attention to their specific needs. Our facilities are Quarantine Approved for interstate and international samples.”

Mary Trutwein - Operations Manager

Exploration Geochemistry Services

Our standard geochemical analysis services include:
  • Sensitive analysis by aqua-regia/ICP-MS

  • Ultra sensitive analysis by cyanide leach (0.01ppb Au)

Base metals:
  • Microwave-assisted aqua-regia digests for analysis by ICP-MS and ICP-OES

Rare-Earths, Lithium, Uranium, Resistate Minerals:
  • Microwave-assisted HF-based digests for near-total recovery of most metallic elements.

  • Alkaline fusion analysis for major oxides and resistate traces

Partial leach:
  • Sensitive, selective testing of surficial materials for broad-spectrum multielement suites

  • Sensitive analysis of vegetation samples for broad-spectrum multielement suites

  • Dedicated facility for testing mineral and soil samples for carbon (Total, carbonate, graphitic) and sulphur.

Sample Preparation:
  • A range of clean, thorough preparation techniques are provided, to meet the requirements of our range of testing.


Our research support services include:
  • Lithogeochemical whole-rock suites with tests for ferrous-iron, carbonate and sulphide.

  • Customised tests for individual research programs


Boutique support services to meet specific requirements include:
  • Modification of existing methods

  • Development of new analytical techniques

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