Trace Element Analysis of Botanical and Water Samples

Vegetation Analysis

Utilisation of plant material for geochemical exploration is a developing technique that is gaining acceptance across Australia, particularly in regions of deep cover.
The geochemical signals being sought are often faint, so all stages of sample handling must be meticulous and data of the highest standards to give the best signal-to-noise possible.
LabWest works with the world’s leading biogeochemists to develop our techniques and ensure that these exacting standards are met. As a result our capabilities in this field are second to none.

Microwave-Assisted Digestion of Vegetation Samples

LabWest has developed microwave-assisted digestion techniques to obtain maximum recovery of metals from geochemical samples, with negligible loss of volatiles and no cross-contamination.
Our microwave-assisted plant digestion (scheme code MSA) offers the best detection limits, lowest potential for cross-contamination and best recoveries available. MSA06 uses extreme conditions to deal with tough matrices such as spinifex.

LabWest Code MSA-06

Water Analysis

LabWest’s ENV-04 code is designed for analysis of trace metals in environmental or other ground waters. 64 elements are determined by ICP-MS.